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How Much Does A House Cost In Ghana?

Learn more about the cost of Buying a house in Ghana

You may have been scouting for a good location to stay in Africa, and you seemed settled about Ghana for several reasons. Or you have hit that point where you know you must invest in a house Ghana for several reasons. Or you have hit that point where you know you must invest in a house for yourself and your family. The next big question you may consider is, “how much does a house cost in Ghana?”. My name is Anita, a writer here at Sundance Ghana Estates.

If you’re after information about how much it costs to buy a house in Ghana, I’m here to help. So, are you looking to purchase a house in Ghana? Or buy land for residential purposes? Well, I have got you covered. Look no more! This article will inform you about the cost of buying a house in Ghana, including the average price of specific areas like Akosombo, Kumasi, etc.

Before I delve into the contents of this article, here is one important thing to know. If you need more information on buying land or buying a property in Ghana, the staff here at Sundance Ghana Estates can help. Feel free to contact me on Whatsapp on 00233201924859. You can also join our Facebook group here.


One of the preferred places to buy a house in Ghana is Accra, located in the Greater Accra region. This is because Accra is the capital of Ghana. Therefore, a lot of commercial entities are present. This means investment opportunities are always available, and foreign companies always choose Accra to do business in due to the availability of the market.

Also, Accra has a lot of easy access to certain social amenities, which may not be as common in other regions. These include private healthcare options, quicker police response, hotels, etc. You can purchase a house from great locations, including East Legon Hills, Airport, Oyarifa, Cantonment, East Legon Hills and Tema. East Legon, for instance, is becoming a fast-developing area for the elite in Ghana.

There is a certain status attached to persons who own houses in East Legon that Ghanaians recognise. This may be due to the personalities known to live in this area. This category comprises highly profiling individuals like MPs, celebrities, foreign personalities, etc. Also, the expensive nature of houses may be due to the facilities available in the area.

It has a mall and great sporting facilities. It is also proximate to the great University of Ghana, Webster University and Radford University College. You can find great hotels like Royal Richester, Mensvic Hotel, and MJ Grand Hotel. There are also great and expensive restaurants you can find within such environs.

Also, East Legon has an active nightlife and a great location for tourists, visitors and diasporans who come down during festive occasions. Due to this reason, houses in East Legon Hills are quite expensive on the housing market. An average 2-bedroom house in East Legon sells for about GHS 2,550,000. While a 4-bedroom can be as high as GHS 7,000,000.

Another location in Accra you can also consider is the Airport Residential Area. Like East Legon Hills, Airport also houses some of the most elite and has gated communities in that area.

Airport Residential is centred in the heart of Accra and, therefore, very close to most business centres in the capital. Airport Residential has good schools nearby, like Association International, Jack and Jill School, etc. Also, Airport Residential is not very far from the Kotoka International Airport, Accra Mall and Villagio, a colourful tourist attraction located at the heart of Accra.

It is also close to some of the 5-star hotels in the country, like Tang Palace Hotel. A house in Airport averagely sells for GHS 4,380,000. You can also look out for a property in Cantoments. Cantonments is another luxury area in the capital city of Accra, where most foreign expatriates live. Cantonments is proximate to Osu, which has a lot of international restaurants, workspaces, hotels, and an active nightlife.

There are also great schools around the area that you can enrol your children in, both local and international. An average house at Cantoment sells for GHS 7,083,854. Most people are now looking for areas in the Greater Accra region that may not be too far from mainland Accra, perhaps due to budget constraints when getting a house.

Houses at Oyarifa are becoming a choice location for most people, even though it is on the stretch to the Eastern region of Ghana. Oyarifa is near Aburi, where you can get cheap land for sale in Ghana. The average price for a house at Oyarifa is GHS 729,830. While this price may be cheaper than the prices mentioned above, Oyarifa is still in its developing stages.

So, house prices in that area may appreciate in a few years. Another place in Accra worth considering when you want to buy a house in Ghana is Tema. Tema is also one of the busiest places in Ghana. Tema is known for its Port, which is near the sea. It is also known as the place where famous Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and many famous Ghanaian celebrities reside.

Tema is about an hour and 30 minutes from mainland Accra, and it is even shorter if you use the Accra-Tema Motorway. Factories and companies surround Tema. Due to these industrial conditions, most people find it an attractive location. The Tema stretch leads to Prampram, Afienya, Dawhenya, Ashiaman, Tema Golf City, Community 25, etc. All these towns surround Tema and are great options to look out for.

The average price for a house in Tema is about GHS 600,000 and above, depending on your desired specifications. It seems the prices mentioned may seem intimidating, but not all places in Accra are expensive. There are some affordable areas in Accra you can explore that suit your budget.

   Kumasi Metropolitan

Maybe you want to live in a place which gives off an urban vibe, but you don’t want to stay in Accra. The Kumasi Metropolitan area is a great option for buying a house because houses are cheaper than those in Accra and closer to commercial entities. Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region and one of the country’s busiest capitals in Ghana. Kumasi boasts one of Ghana’s biggest marketplaces through the Kejetia market.

Some may opt for land for sale in Kumasi, Ghana, so they can put up the property with their own efforts. That is not a bad option at all. But some people believe buying a house is cheaper than putting up a house. Others think otherwise. Either way, the aim is to have a house, so the method does not matter if you have land ownership documents in Ghana and a house registered in your name.

Kumasi is well known for its traditional atmosphere and interesting activities. This may be because of the presence of the King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Osei Tutu. The Ashantis revere their king alone and their traditions. It explains why their land tenure system differs from the system practised in Accra. Traditional celebrations are a huge deal in that part of the country, especially funerals.

Places in the Kumasi Metropolitan area you can scout for houses for sale include Santansi, Edwinase, Ahodwo, etc. The average house in Kumasi sells for GHS 500,000, depending on what you want in a house.


Another choice location to purchase a house is Akosombo. Akosombo offers a peaceful and lush environment away from Accra’s busy and erratic life. So if you are looking for a serene climatic environment, Akosombo is a good choice.  Also, the climate agrees with most foreigners because of the greenery in that area.

So, most foreigners who do not enjoy urban life usually settle in this region. You can find Akosombo in the Eastern region of Ghana. Akosombo is also a tourist area since that is where Ghana’s hydroelectric plant, built by Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, which distributes power to the country, is located. Houses in Akosombo are quite affordable compared to those in Accra.

Perhaps this may also be because there isn’t a mad rush for houses in that area. The average price of a house in Akosombo is GHS 877,249, subject to what you consider suitable.


Aburi is about two hours maximum ride from Central Accra, so it offers you an option to go to mainland Accra when you want to. It is, however, located in the Eastern region. It is another choice location you can consider when you want to buy a house. There are also lands available for sale in Aburi, Ghana. Such lands are affordable, so if you want cheap land for sale in Ghana, I recommend you look up those in this area if you can also focus in that direction.

Aburi is well-known for its cool weather conditions and serene environment. So buying a house in this area is good if climatic conditions are a big deal to you. Most celebrities who need a quiet place usually opt for this place. An example is Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife. She owns a house in Aburi. There is the presence of Peduase Lodge at Aburi, a luxurious hideout from Accra’s stressful atmosphere.

The average house price in Aburi is GHS 950,000, depending on your specifications.

   Cape Coast

Cape Coast is the capital city of the Central Region, and it used to be the former capital city of Ghana till it was moved to Accra in 1877. As such, Cape Coast holds a lot of Ghana’s history. The forts and castles also tell much about the hard and intense slave trade our forefathers endured. Cape Coast is close to the sea, so if you are looking for a coastal environment to thrive in, Cape Coast may be the place for you.

Also, the Kakum National Park is about an hour’s drive from Cape Coast. Again, Cape Coast boasts most of the best senior high schools in Ghana, like Mfantispim Senior High School, Adisadel College, Wesley Girls, St. Augustine’s College, etc. Another thing to note about Cape Coast is that houses in this region are not expensive.

The average price of a house is GHS 569,036.43, based on what you want.


In conclusion, here are great options to look out for when buying a house in Ghana. This article adequately answers the question, “ How much does a House Cost in Ghana”. The catch is looking out for the location since it plays a huge factor in the pricing. If you need more information on buying land in Ghana, Sundance Estates can help. Feel free to contact them on Whatsapp on 00233201924859. You can also join our Facebook group here.


Are houses expensive in Ghana?

Objectively, it can be said that houses are expensive in Ghana. This can mainly be attributed to the high cost of building materials and the fluctuation of the cedi to the dollar currency.

How much does it cost to build a house in Ghana?

You should expect to pay around 300,000 Ghana Cedis for a 2-bedroom house. However, this amount could be cheaper or higher depending on your building materials, whether you’re building it yourself or using a contractor or developer, where it’s being built, and other considerations.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a house in Ghana?

Buying a house is considered cheaper than building it in Ghana. This is because the prices of building materials are always on the ascendency. Also, dealing with some Ghanaian artisans will frustrate you with the work process and quality of work. So, it is better to buy.

How do you buy a house in Ghana?

You can buy a house using a mortgage or contract to pay in instalments. You can contact verifiable property agents to help choose a house more suited to your specifications and budget. When buying a house, ensure that the owner has the following documents; a site plan, registered title of the deed, purchase agreement and property tax documents. Also, get a good lawyer to help you secure these documents.

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