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How To Buy A House In Ghana

Ghana’s housing sector is rapidly increasing. This may be due to many factors, including urban-rural migration for the sake of jobs or a better life, the disintegration of the extended family system, and increased population, among others. Therefore, it is normal to see young couples plan to own a house before or immediately after settling down.

My name is Stephen, a realtor at Sundance Limited. If you’re after information about buying land as a foreigner in Ghana, our company Sundance is here to help.Are you looking to buy a house? Do you want cheap land for sale in Ghana? Are you interested in investing in landed property? If yes, then you must read this article.

This article lets you know how you can buy a house in Ghana. A house is a financial asset that will never lose value, regardless of whether you want to live or rent it out, assuming you choose the perfect one. Finding the ideal home may be difficult, particularly for first-time buyers who lack expertise and direction. It takes time to buy a house. It’s not a one-day affair.

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Various Ways to Buy A House in Ghana

“To rent or to buy”  has been one of the longest debates in the housing industry. But it has been established, time and time again, that it is better to buy than rent a house in the long term. Despite the difficulty of purchasing real estate in Ghana, the upside is that, due to its consistently rising appreciation rate over time, landed property is unquestionably a great asset to acquire today. So, here are some ways you can buy a house in Ghana.

Real Estate Agent

Although purchasing a home in Ghana can be difficult, proper preparation and the correct assistance can also be a satisfying and enjoyable experience. I suggest working with a reliable, trustworthy, and competent real estate agent or organization like Sundance to help guide you through the process to minimize the stress associated.

I doubt that you would want to deal with the stress of having to perform time-consuming tasks like finding the property, traveling to the Regional Lands Office or Lands Commission to confirm the authenticity of the property’s ownership, and checking for encroachments or discrepancies that could affect the legality of the transaction will be lessened by the real estate agent or company.


In Ghana, and notably in Accra, the price of building a home can vary greatly. Before moving to the site, some locations demand payment of a bush allowance. Otherwise, vigilante groups and con artists will trouble the buyer. Depending on the materials, a three-bedroom apartment might cost as much as 400,000 Ghana Cedis. However, this can be affected by several factors, like the building materials, cost of labor, etc.

It is therefore strongly advised for especially foreigners to use the services of developers due to the intricacy of the real estate sector. These developers buy substantial amounts of land, finish the difficult procedures involved in acquiring it, and then sell those properties to others using less complicated procedures. Luxury and cheap homes are also built and sold, primarily in gated communities.

Their services may seem pricey initially, but they’re worth every cent since they eliminate the complexity, worry, and litigation involved with purchasing real estate.  Additionally, while working with developers, one may be certain to purchase land or land maintained and situated in a secure setting. Some great real estate developers in Ghana include Regimanuel Grey Estate Limited, Buena Vista Homes, Imperial Homes, and Devtraco Plus.

    Private Home Owners

Some homeowners sometimes start to build houses on their lands. Still, due to rising costs associated with buying a house, they abandon the project and sell the uncompleted building to whoever is interested. With this way of buying, the buyer and seller can negotiate an acceptable price depending on the development of the property so far.

This is because the buyer is getting into a situation where he will have to expend money on the project. With this option, the buyer should be careful because there have been cases where fraudulent persons scammed innocent victims concerning such arrangements where the land and project were not theirs. The buyer should request title documents and do his due diligence.

He/She can go to the Lands Commission and get a lawyer to help with the property acquisition process. This arrangement is common when you see land for sale in Kumasi, Ghana.

What To Look Out For When Buying A House In Ghana

   Title Documentation

In Ghana, a title search is conducted to determine the type of land the buyer is interested in buying and to confirm the current ownership of that land.  This can be done at the Regional Lands Commission, where the land is situated. You and your real estate agent may decide on a purchase price and complete any agreements with the seller once you’ve confirmed all this information.

However, you can also undertake a land valuation while the land title is being evaluated at the government office so that you may ascertain the actual worth of the land you wish to purchase at a fee. This is so that you do not overpay more than you ought to. Afterward, your lawyer will write a deed of conveyance (or any other necessary transfer form) following this.

The land title is passed to the buyer when all the paperwork is successfully signed, and you have purchased the property.

    The Area

You should take the area into consideration while purchasing a property in Ghana. Specific things you can consider include the network reception in the area. It may seem unimportant until you need help, but you cannot make a phone call in your home. Also, consider whether the area has good roads and whether you can go outside after rainfall because it would not be too muddy.

Given that many individuals don’t have access to air conditioning at home, air quality is an essential factor to consider. In the hot season, especially if the windows are closed, a lack of air circulation can cause your home’s interior temperature to rise rapidly. Are the neighboring places neat? It should matter because that is where you will be staying.


Security is another aspect to take into account. Is the area known for petty theft and unnecessary quarrels among the youth? You want to purchase a house in a community where you can be confident that your family will be secure.


One of the most important considerations is location. If the property is close to your place of employment and public transportation, that would be excellent. You’ll spend less on gas or transportation as a result. So, for example, land for sale at Aburi, Ghana, can be a great choice due to the lush environment and because it is about an hour and 30 minutes drive from the capital city, Accra.

  Property Taxes and Related Fees

If you wish to own a home in Ghana, you must be ready to pay additional taxes and fees, including registration fees, stamp duty, and property tax. Stamp duty is a tax assessed on real estate transactions depending on the property’s purchase price. Property rate is an annual fee calculated on your property’s assessed value to be paid to the Municipal or District Assembly where your building is located.

You must account for these expenses when creating your budget for your purchase.

  Access To Social Amenities

Your area should not be cut off from “civilization.” Perhaps it may be what you want. However, you should consider staying where it is easy to access the nearest shop, supermarket, hospital, school, or road.


Buying a house in Ghana can be difficult and complex. Still, with careful preparation and the correct assistance, it can also be gratifying and fulfilling, leading to the discovery of the ideal residence for you and your family.


●     How much is 1 plot of land in Ghana?

In Ghana, there is no standard pricing for one plot of land. The location can play a huge factor in pricing. For instance, the price of land in East Legon Hills will be significantly higher than that in Dodowa or Aburi. However, on average, 1 plot of land for sale costs GH25,000.

●     What are the best locations to buy land in Ghana?

The best locations in Ghana to buy land include Tema, Prampram, East Legon Hills, Ridge, Amasaman, Adjiringanor, Spintex, Dodowa, Aburi, and Akosombo. Some parts of Kumasi, like Ahantan, Santansi, and Ahodwo, are some of the best locations in the Ashanti region. Another great location is Cape Coast in the Central Region.

●     How much can you buy land for in Ghana?

There is no one cut-out price for land in Ghana. This is because some factors determine pricing, notably location. However, on average, land prices range from GHS 21,000 to about GHS 900 000 000.

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