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The Best Regions In Ghana To Buy Land

On a global scale, Ghana is one of those countries in West Africa that has created a brand name for herself. It has become one of the choice locations for most celebrities to vacation and have fun in. It is no wonder that many foreigners and Ghanaians want to own a piece of property here before it becomes scarce. Are you looking to purchase land in Ghana? Are you looking for cheap land for sale?

Are you looking for how to get property in the country through legitimate means? Do you want to own farmlands in Ghana? Well, this article is here for you! My name is Anita, a realtor at Sundance Limited. If you’re after information about buying land as a foreigner in Ghana, our company Sundance is here to help. In this article, I will explore the best regions in Ghana to buy land.

If you need more information on buying land in Ghana, Sundance Estates can help. Feel free to add us on Whatsapp on 00233201924859. You can also join our Facebook group here.”


Aburi is located in the Eastern region of Ghana and is well known for its climatic conditions and lush environment. According to history, this was where most of the foreign settlers remained due to the cool weather of the place. Aburi is about an hour and 30 minutes drive from Accra Central and has lodges and hotels around for visitors, like Hillburi, Peduase Lodge, and the Cactus Greek Hotel.

It is also home to the Aburi botanical garden, a popular tourist attraction, and the popular girls’ senior high school, Aburi Girls. These qualities make it an ideal location to purchase land in this area. Other reasons to look out for include that it provides a relaxing change of scenery from the fast and stressful life in Accra. Also, it is quite proximate to the nation’s capital, so one is not too far away from life in Accra.

Again, foreign investors consider Aburi a prime location to acquire property due to its favorable climatic conditions. So when you can be on the lookout for land for sale in Aburi, Ghana, just know that you have yourself a prime location.

   Lake Bosumtwe

Once upon a time, in the Ashanti region, a meteor struck and created a circular lake. However, according to historical records, Lake Bosomtwe was created in 1648 when a hunter hurt an “Otwe” (antelope in the Twi dialect) while hunting it. However, the antelope kept moving forward until it vanished in a nearby pond. In disbelief, the hunter Akora Bompe remained by the pond and never returned to his hometown of Asamang.

He subsequently gave the location the name “Bosomtwe,” which means “antelope god” in English. He saved the antelope and thought the water was a god. It is unclear if the crater in which Lake Bosomtwi is located was created by a meteorite, a tiny pond, or volcanic activity. with either case, the lake is a stunning location, surrounded by crater walls that rise several heights and are covered with dense vegetation and mountains.

This place offers hiking, kayaking, bird-watching, fishing, and walking options. This makes the environment a relaxing one. The catch is that this natural location invites people from all walks of life. Lake Bosumtwe is some minutes’ drive from Kumasi and is close to the Manhyia Palace, Kumasi City Mall, and Rattray Park. Given its location, it is not far away from the city of Kumasi.

This, therefore, makes it an ideal location in the Ashanti region to buy land. The availability of a constant market means you can even set up a business nearby. Or it is the environment that appeals to you. The greenery and water body can have a calm effect on your soul.

    Kumasi Metropolitan

Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region and can be identified as one of the busiest cities in Ghana. Kumasi is home to the Manhyia Palace, Kejetia market, and the popular university, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). If you are looking out for the hustle and bustle of city life, yet Accra doesn’t seem favorable for you, I recommend land for sale in Kumasi, Ghana for you.

Also, Kumasi has deep cultural ties and is still a kingdom ruled by a King, despite Ghana’s practice of a constitutional form of governance. Since these people are linked by tradition, it is common to witness many traditional and cultural events in the city and its environs. If you happen to be fascinated by traditions and culture and want to explore such, the Kumasi Metropolitan is the place for you.

Notable vicinities within the Kumasi Metropolitan include Santansi, Asokwa, Bantama, Ahodwo, Bomso, Boadi, Patasi, Oduom, and Asokore Mampong, among others.

    East Legon Hills

Accra’s Kpone-Katamanso Municipality neighborhood, East Legon Hills, is located around 18 kilometers, or 45 minutes, from Kotoka International Airport’s Airport Rd. East Legon in the nation’s capital, Accra, has become one of the wealthiest neighborhoods and a popular homebuyer spot. When we talk about the presence of luxury apartments in places in Ghana, one of the common answers you will hear is East Legon Hills, popularly known as “East Legon” or “East Leg.”

East Legon is located in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, and it is only about 30 minutes drive to Accra, the State’s capital. It is home to most of the elite persons in Ghana. It contains a state-of-the-art sporting center, hotels, restaurants, private healthcare facilities, luxury apartments, and private universities like Knutsford University College, Lancaster University, and Islamic University College.

East Legon Hills is also well-known for its active nightlife and constant visits from the Diasporans. It is even close to the University of Ghana, Legon. So, if you want to network and meet the big people in town, East Legon Hills is the recommended place to buy land.


Another great place in Ghana to buy land is Akosombo. Akosombo is associated with hydroelectric power in Ghana. This is where Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, adopted the Volta River hydropower project to help provide the country with sustainable power, hence the Akosombo dam. The Akosombo Dam is a tourist center that hundreds of people visit yearly to see the only manmade lake in the world, Lake Volta.

Akosombo is about a 10-minute drive from the Adomi Bridge, another known tourist attraction in the country. Aside from its association with power, this Eastern region-based location has a lush and favorable climatic conditions. It contains a lot of greenery and presents a peaceful and quiet home residential atmosphere. The greenery in this location also makes it a great choice for farmland.

Another fun fact about Akosombo is that street names are of African countries in the area. So, there are streets called Freetown, Congo, etc. Aside from the tourist attraction, Akosombo is home to a popular Ghanaian private senior high school, Akosombo International School (AIS). 


Forget the Twitter banter that Oyarifa is far away from Ghana. It is not, but the idea remains, given this place’s location. Oyarifa is located in the Greater Accra region of Ghana, though it is one of the towns one passes en route to the Eastern Region. Due to this, it seems far away from the capital, though it is not part of the Eastern Region.

Oyarifa has a great landscape and is a great place to purchase land. This is because it places you in between that cool area close to Aburi yet close enough to the nation’s capital so that you can do your rounds in Accra. This is a vantage point you can consider when buying land in Ghana.  Oyarifa is about an hour and at most 30 minutes to Accra, though the traffic congestion in Accra and time can affect the time you can use to get to your destination.

Oyarifa is a great location to buy land and grab the necessary land ownership documents in Ghana if you overlook this flaw.


To end with, the best regions in Ghana to buy land include the Greater Accra region, Ashanti region, and Eastern region. The above places in these regions in Ghana highlight great locations to purchase land. If you need more information on buying land in Ghana, Sundance Estates can help. Feel free to add us on Whatsapp on 00233201924859. You can also join our Facebook group here.”


How much is 1 plot of land in Ghana?

The land for sale costs, on average, GH25,000 per plot.

How long do you own land in Ghana?

Foreigners can hold leasehold interests in agricultural, commercial, residential, and industrial land for up to 50 years or less, depending on the landowner. Ghanaians can hold leasehold interest in land for up to 99 years.

Can foreigners own land in Ghana?

Yes, when a landowner sells land to a foreigner. He can be deemed to have transferred his ownership rights to that foreigner. However, regarding leases, according to the constitution, foreigners can hold leasehold interests in agricultural, commercial, residential, and industrial land for up to 50 years or less, depending on the landowner. This also applies to foreign companies with properties in the country. A foreign company is one where foreigners own more than 40% of equity. Therefore, knowing whether a conveyance is a sale or a lease is important.

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