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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Ghana

Investing in real estate from reputable developers or organizations is one of the most significant investments one can make in a lifetime. What makes this choice really important? There are many causes, but the financial investment necessary, the complexity of the real estate market, and the need for specialized or professional skills to ensure every pesewa is effectively spent are among the most important.

Over 20% of all property buyers in Ghana seek the assistance of real estate companies to guide them through this crucial financial choice because the process of buying a home is complicated in Ghana. The nation’s population is still growing and prospering, even though the economy is currently in a slump, which is driving up demand for real estate.

This has led a number of prestigious real estate companies to open marketplaces across the country. The real estate market is vast and extends beyond real estate developers and the acquisition of residential properties to even the selling of lands. Are you looking to purchase land in Ghana? Do you need farmland? Do you want to know any reliable real estate company you can rely on? This article lets you know the top 10 real estate companies in Ghana.

1. Sundance Estates Ghana

Sundance Estates Ghana is a real estate business registered in Ghana.  They have land for sale in Aburi, Ghana. They also have land for sale in Kumasi, Ghana. Other notable areas Sundance offer lands for sale include Accra, parts of the Eastern region, like Akosombo, and Western and central regions of Ghana. Their inventory includes residential and agricultural land and partial and whole plots.

They collaborate closely with regional chiefs now laying out recently available lots in Ghana’s major towns. This lessens the possibility of land fraud, which is all too rampant in Ghana. When buyers buy land from them, they are assured of great pricing that beats the market and avoids land fraud. Within 24 hours of receiving complete payment, your land ownership documents in Ghana are emailed, so there is no hustle and delay.

Purchasers can pay in whole or consult them to get great payment plans tailored to your budget. The company also has a Facebook group which you can join. Click here to join the company’s Facebook group here.

2. Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd

With strong internal design and construction teams committed to setting the bar for quality and innovation in the industry, Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd offers turnkey developments. Creativity, ingenuity, and sound design concepts are key components of their service. This real estate company works on various projects across various industries, including interior design, mixed-use complexes, high-end apartments and homes, and hotels and resorts.

Their Accra-based developments include Villaggio Primavera, Villaggio Vista, Adinkra Heights, and Trasacco Valley Estate.

3. Regimanuel Grey Limited

Ghanaian real estate company Regimanuel Grey Limited constructs houses for people from various walks of life. The company, which has been in business since 2007, is renowned in Ghana for offering cost-effective, high-quality homes. For those wishing to purchase homes in Ghana in the upcoming years, the company is actively creating a variety of properties.

Over the years, Regimanuel Grey has constructed more homes than any other real estate developer in Ghana. His gated communities can be seen all across Accra and the nearby city of Tema. Regimanuel Grey Limited provides a range of services to its customers, including leasing, sales of real estate, and property management.

The business is renowned for offering high-quality services and dedication to client happiness. Regimanuel Grey Ltd builds individual residences and apartments. On their website, you can view various designs, such as Balloon Gate – Kwabenya, and many more gated communities, such as Golden Gate, Silver Bells, Diamond Hills, and Platinum Gate, part of this renowned project by Regimanuel Grey.

4. Devtraco Plus

Any list of the top rated and most reliable real estate firms in Ghana would be incomplete without a mention of Devtraco Plus. Born from the renowned Devtraco brand, it is a reputable real estate developer with three decades of experience offering its clients high-quality service. The primary objective of Devtraco Plus is to carve out a place for its opulent housing and residential units in prestigious Accra neighborhoods.

Their passion is to give outstanding service and please their customers. Their luxurious real estate properties have distinct styles and personalities and are professionally designed to function efficiently. They have contemporary finishing and were constructed with materials that show dedication to quality and elegance.

They distinguish themselves by offering competitive prices and flexible payment plans designed with clients in mind. They have received numerous honors over the years for their dedication to quality. Throughout the International Property Awards’ 2015–2019 period, they constantly won multiple category prizes for best flats, best development marketing, best mixed-use development, and best architecture.

5. Buena Vista Homes Limited

Buena Vista Homes is one of Ghana’s few real estate firms focusing on developing gated communities. The company, established for decades, has seized on its reputation for quality and innovation to meet the housing demands of various Ghanaians. Since its founding in 1999, Buena Vista Homes has expanded to become one of Ghana’s top real estate companies.

Sales and lettings, Property management, Facilities management, Property kinds, Gated communities, Townhouses, Luxury apartments, and Detached homes are just a few of their real estate services. The following are some projects they are working on: Vista Valley Residences, Costa Villa Residences, and Marine Drive Residences.

6. Imperial Homes

Imperial Homes are among the most reputable luxury home builders and pacesetters in the real estate sector. Delivering high-quality homes to their clients and providing support and customer care are their areas of passion. Over the years, Imperial Homes have invested in a group of devoted and well-resourced specialists and tradespeople to offer its clients a range of real estate options, from residential to commercial and retail properties.

Their clients and the communities they interact with can feel confident knowing they are committed to maintaining the properties’ high quality, safety, and sustainability standards. They have built a number of projects, some of which are Adelaide Vista in East Legon, Rangoon Residence in Cantonment, Lincoln Court in Cantonment, and Danziger Apartment in Osu.

7. Dream Realty

Real estate developer Dream Realty is in Ghana and has experience in various commercial building disciplines. The well-known Ghanaian company Interplast Limited and the Beirut-based Jamil Ibrahim Establishment teamed up to create Dream Realty. Since most real estate investors are drawn to the residential market, Dream Realty is increasing the value of commercial real estate in Ghana.

The Octagon building, an amazing construction project by Dream Realty, has 10 stories and 35000 square meters of office space spread across 4 blocks in the city’s center. The Octagon is located in the heart of Accra Central and is easily accessed via Barnes Road and Independence Avenue.

8. Clifton Homes

One of Ghana’s trusted real estate developers, Clifton Homes, is well-known for building elegant, high-quality homes in desirable Accra neighborhoods at affordable costs. They provide excellent payment plans because they are real estate developers, which further reduces the investment cost. The Clifton Homes team of developers pays close attention to the little things, whether it’s in regard to client interactions, controlling building costs, or interior fittings and finishing.

A record of sell-out developments, industry-leading asset growth, and rental yields, and a remarkable record of returning customers and referrals result from their exceptional client engagement. Their most recent developments include Embassy Gardens, The Gallery, Kai Villas, and The Lennox.

9. Earlbeam Realty

As an accredited real estate firm in Accra, Ghana, Earlbeam Realty is renowned for its creative thinking, innovation, and people-oriented quality in offering high service and conventional elegant residences. Since Earlbeam Realty bases its business strategy on the idea that your house is your wealth, all its developments come with a 2-year warranty on all fixtures and fittings.

The 23 Odum townhouses in Dzorwulu, the Fairfax townhomes in East Legon Hills, and the Earl Heights apartment in Dzorwulu are just a few of their developments.

10. Denya Developers

A member of the Pragnya Group, which has been in the real estate business for more than 20 years, is Denya Developers. Their business is renowned for offering incredible 10-year structural warranties and 5-year warranties on waterproofing and leaks. The reputation of Denya Developers as a real estate developer of opulent residences and high-end apartments has increased significantly in recent years.

From the initial land purchase to the final touches, their experience covers every stage of the development cycle. They have built projects, including the Tribute House in the airport, The Pavillion in the cantonments, and The Ivy apartment in East Legon.


The top ten credible companies listed above are a gold mine of knowledge for any potential real estate investor or customer. It offers information that would otherwise require a long time to gather in one place.


What are the different types of real estate companies in Ghana?

There are three types of real estate companies in Ghana. These include the residential real estate, commercial real estate and industrial real estate. Residential real estate is only intended for residential use and is either sold or rented out to persons who want to live there. This includes condominiums, townhomes, and gated communities.

Commercial real estate includes properties used as offices, hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and other commercial enterprises. While industrial real estate is built to generate a profit. Industrial real estate includes things like factories, farms, mines, and warehouses.

How to find real estate agents in Accra?

Referral sources are great for finding real estate agents in Accra. Also, look out for land experts who can recommend trusted real estate agents to you.

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